Thursday, July 22, 2010

Summer Update

Alright, alright. There's no excuse for our lack of posting. We're here now, and not planning on going anywhere. Things have been moving and shaking in the office: we have unofficially "feng shuied" our space and our summer crew has been working hard to get things set up for our upcoming year. There's lots of exciting stuff happening this year and updates are soon-coming for each of our programs. For now, get out your planners and pencil in a few important events!


28-31: Torero Days Orientation
30-31: CASA Student Leader Training


1: First day of class
11: America Reads/America Counts Training
21: IPJ Peace Day


4-10: Social Issues Conference: Artists Igniting Social Change
15: Fall Holiday (No School)
30: Fall Festival


4: Adventures in Service
24-28: Thanksgiving Break


13: Last Day of Class

Check back soon for more updates and program information and enjoy the summer sun while you still have it! :)

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