Monday, December 14, 2009

CASA's Holiday Party

Mood: Cheery
Location: Roof of Maher, University of San Diego
Event: CASA/CSL Christmas Party

As I step off the sled and onto the roof of Maher I am relieved, flat roofs are my favorite. The trip from up north into San Diego is always a nice reprieve from the cold and wind. I had made a quick stop at Fashion Valley to update the ol’ list but had to make it quick for this year I was invited to the CASA/CSL Christmas Party! Mrs. Clause said I was very fortunate to receive the invitation this year after my behavior last year at this fantastic event, hoho what does she know! Walking in to my favorite Christmas song, ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’ hoho that Maria Carey!, I could see the shock and surprise of each of the dedicated people who serve this community and university. But those emotions soon erupted into joy and excitement as we all began to shake it! It was nice to dance with people my own size (ok, not weight) for once, you’ve got to be careful dancing with elves at my weight. After a few photo ops they let me grab the mic for one last farewell song. It was a duet in fact, and a mighty fine one at that! Although, later Mrs. Clause rambled on about some nonsense that the words didn’t match, oh well! With that it was back in the sleigh with my faithful reindeers to continue our preparations for the best nacho dip we can find, oh and Christmas.

Merry Christmas!


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